This is T. 
I'm a visual design, MFA candidate, teacher, and design research practitioner.
My creative practice aligns at the intersection of visual design, teaching, and design research. I explicit visual design principles and materials to effectively tell stories in both print and digital platforms. I love to collaborate on multidisciplinary projects that amplify the voices of different constituencies or social-economical groups. I’m passionate about community building and personal empowerment in education, health, environment, and advocacy. I believe that design shall give people the ownership with the to take the lead and build their future communities.
... a design research practitioner
I am fascinated about learning about a challenge from different perspectives, defying underlying problems, and exploring alternative design methods. Because "Everything is interconnected," I'm intrigued to identify similar patterns between different disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, anthropology, music, and see the possibility everywhere.
.. a typographer
My artistic side embraces the love for typography and editorial design for its structural expressionism. Content organization and hierarchy, the flexibility of the grids and letterforms give room for endless creativity. Typography is a combination of science (type anatomy) and culture (type personality).
... a social innovator
Designers are entrepreneurs, scientists, social workers, students, teachers, and citizens. We're responsible for the impact we make in our community. Designers don't create posters. We create awareness. We don't design an exhibit. We design education. Designers are the voice and the expression of the community. 
... a contemporary dance practitioner 
I spent five years practicing modern and contemporary dance, in which I studied the relationships between humans and space through gravity, breath, and qualities of movement. Dance has taught me to see the world (as content) in relation to human activities (as form), and our spatial relationship with others.