The Ask: create a public campaign on a topic of interest — mental health) 
The challenge: 
1. The avoidance to talk about mental health because of social stigmas among college students 
2. Some students don't know what it is or how to respond to a person with a mental challenge
3. The counseling center can't accommodate all students in need of counseling services
Objective: create a space to facilitate understanding and deep listening of mental health, especially depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention
Concept: create a participatory campaign that amplifies the message through storytelling. Participants can share and respond to others' stories. 
1. UNCHAIN non-profit dedicate to those who have been undergoing negative life experience, depression, self-injury, or being unaccepted. We reach out to encourage, to inspire, and to foster a loving community for college students to be who they are and acceptant to one another. 
2. The posters feature volunteer students who have experienced mental challenges and want to advocate for the cause. The tag line "I have a story" and "Tell me your story" invite participants to share or respond to others' messages.  
3. The wristbands are for the participants to take. Participants who wear the teal (i have a story) or purple (tell me your story) wristbands are encouraged to start a conversation with each other. 
These design artifacts are to help students acknowledge their community members, who are going through negative experiences, and facilitate a safe space for storytelling and building connections. 

The original poster

Instagram: @unchaincampaign

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