Thi has been teaching in the BFA Communication Design program at Texas State University since 2017. She also help with curriculum development for Typography 1 and Concept Strategy. ​​​​​​​
Course taught
Typography I :: This course covers the fundamentals of typography including type anatomy, personality, and hierarchy, and different methodologies of typography in print design. Lectures, demonstrations, and studio work emphasize the abilities of understanding, analyzing, composing layout, choosing typefaces, and all technical skills involved in the making process.
     Typography II :: This course explores advanced issues in page structure and composition, content organization and management, typographic and visual hierarchies, typeface selection, and typesetting in editorial design.
     Concept Strategies :: This course covers a variety of conceptual strategies that inform the problem solving, ideation and execution processes in order to create contextually meaningful design artifacts. Students will learn how to utilize relevant research, conceptual development, iterative design processes, and user testing in order to create well-crafted design pieces. Design artifacts include trademark, packaging, web page, and ambient advertising communication. Methods of presentation include lecture, contemporary and historical examples, demonstrations, exercises, assigned and independent reading, written assignments, critiques, and classroom discussions.
     Packaging Design :: This course gives students the opportunity to explore the role of the communication designer in the creation and execution of sustainably designed packaged consumer goods while meeting industry standards, principles, and guidelines in the context of the global marketplace. Projects focus on brand building, communication & storytelling, design methodologies, entrepreneurial thinking, prototype & Iterative process, the role research plays in the creative process, developing user personas, conducting user testing, craftsmanship, hand-built comprehensive layouts, and design for sustainability.
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