Background: London Data Stream is a live stream data project by the Tekja group from 12.15.2015 to 1.14.2016. They collected data from anonymous Twitter posts, and sort them into different categories of emotions to give an insight into the happiness of 33 boroughs in London. They filter an average of 50 thousand tweets per day, run each word against a list of 25 thousand English words rated for valence from -5 (negative) to +5 (positive).
Concept: The data visualization of each city is created first, depending on their locations. The title of the exhibition becomes a background that also adopts the infographic as parts of its embellishment. The first set of letters are T, L, O, D, N, A, E, and M since they are placed at the same location as the city. The rest of the alphabet is developed base on their similarity of the first set. Hue colors represent happier boroughs, while tint colors represent less happy ones. The poster is folded in half to make it easier for shipping and displayed. It can be used as a display poster or a table tent.  
The animated poster showcases the interaction of users moving through space as data is being collected from the twitter post. Motions of all visual elements in the video are inspired by geographical locations of the actual real data. The soundtrack is a combination of an ambient sound recording of London Underground and a composition "Honda" by Yasuaki Shimizu. The music is retrograded at the end, bringing the listeners back to space and place as when they started.

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