This stamp series was created to celebrate 85 years of Doyald Young, an American logotype and typeface designer. His gracious personality and contribution to typography are reflected in individual letters, that are thoughtfully executed. The series uses words that speak for Young’s design principles and life events. Letters are drawn following Young’s working process by emphasizing on details and the sensation of each stokes. First, letters were drawn with a pencil in small size. After redefining design, I inked the straight edges of each letter but the curves were drawn freehand. Then, I scanned selected designs and vectorized them.
Uppercase and lower case letters were chosen to enhance legibility and hierarchy in the word composition. His name and the time frame were written with squash extension. The generous acres of ‘Y’ and ‘D’, and numbers 9 and 2 create graceful textures which embody his late flourishing life. Using mirroring techniques for the first and last swashes not only suggests closure, it is also a metaphor for Doyald Young’s life of giving and taking during his teaching career.
“Flux” depicts Young’s life before the age of sixteen and draws for stability. Doyald Young reads intensively to educate himself. His favorite word is “Desuetude”, which means old and derelict. “Ductus” is an important component of lettering used mainly for lowercase letters. As for Young’s design principle, it means to lead indicating letters that are supposed to connect to one another. Also, Young considered legibility as the first acquisition in logotype design before making it unique. I choose black and white as the main colors because they direct communication in a powerful way because of their contrast. White indicates open spaces, righteous and cleanliness. While black implies sophistication and quality.

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