This project explores the city of Austin’s lost identity & use design entrepreneurship to frame the solution concept. 
Project timeline: 3 months
Problem: the art scene in Austin is being replaced and transformed into a metropolitan area due to the city’s rapid gentrification. 
Proposal: Art ‘n’ city, a shared-business model, is created to help artists in Austin to gain a better economic status so that they can grow together with gentrification but not grow apart. By realizing the opportunity of the tourism growing market, my approach is shifting tourism spending into local art.
- Primary research: interview with experts (4 artists, 1 studio manager), 6 community members, and conduct  12 surveys with tourists.
- Market research
- Analysis on competitors and the business models 
- Identity business opportunities & value proposition
- Design business model
- Set milestone: pre-incubation, incubation, acceleration, post-graduate
- Prototype 


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